Traditional wear kurtas have become an apt choice when it comes to donning a professional look for the workplace. These ethnic ensembles are easy to carry and let you focus on your work while keeping your comfort and style in check. However, wearing kurtas at work needs you to follow some style guidance that gives you a perfect formal look. We have got your office wear wardrobe sorted with the following fashion tips. 

Tips For Wearing Kurtas At Work!

Straight Cut Makes An Ideal Option

Power dressing is not as easy as it seems. It requires you to pick your style wisely so as not to break the corporate dress code by any means. Ethnic wear kurtas come in a variety of styles and silhouettes to flatter every body type. Picking the right style for the workplace can be a real struggle. However, straight-cut kurtas make the job a lot easier for you as they look formal, flexible, and elegant. 

Printed straight kurtas are popular for being the perfect workwear among women due to their versatility and comfort. Besides, even plus-size women can also depend on straight-cut kurtas as they give the illusion of a slender figure. Both long and short kurtas in straight silhouettes are preferable for office wear. 

Say Yes To Subtle Prints

Plain and solid kurtas can be really boring. Adding some cheerful prints like florals to your office wear closet will uplift your mood while you get ready in the morning. However, when choosing prints for office wear, make sure they are subtle and let you make a classy style statement. The office is not the right place to flaunt heavily embroidered clothes. 

Thus, avoid wearing anything which is too flashy or has too much bling. A floral print straight kurta makes an excellent choice for office wear. Furthermore, a simple Bandhani print kurta and an Ikat print kurta are other traditional printed ethnic attires that are considered suitable for the workplace. 

Opt For Formal Hues

The colour that you pick for your office wear plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect casual look. You can't afford to be wrong while choosing your kurta colours as they somehow reflect a part of your personality as well. We will recommend working women opt for basic and formal hues such as white, black, grey, turquoise, etc. 

However, this does not mean that you can't go beyond these shades. While subtle colours keep you formal, incorporating a pop of bright hues into your office wear closet will give you a stand-out look. But when you are going for a bright colour such as yellow or red, make sure to choose minimal embroidery and accessories. 

Pick Comfortable Fabric

When looking for ideal workwear, ensure to always prioritize your comfort. Since work life is super hassled, it is crucial to choose fabrics that easily take you throughout the day without compromising on your comfort and style. 

Cotton is the most easy-going fabric that offers maximum breathability to the wearer. This is the reason why an ethnic wear kurta crafted in pure cotton fabric is the most sorted option for office wear. The luxurious feel and super soft texture of cotton take care of all your style needs. Besides cotton, Rayon is yet another best summer fabric which is popular for its breathability and ease of handling. 

Pair With The Right Bottomwear

Your work attire is incomplete without the right bottom wear. There is a wide assortment of fashionable bottoms to pair with your embroidery kurta for women. From straight pants, palazzos, and sharara to trousers, options are limitless! However, choosing the perfect bottom wear that goes well with the style of your office-wear kurta can be challenging at times. You can make a choice based on the kurta style and your body type. For example, straight kurtas look great with straight pants and palazzos. 

Similarly, short kurtas pair well with contemporary trousers or denim jeans. Moreover, the bottom wear that you choose should also complement your body frame. Straight-fit pants are ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies. Remember that the right bottom wear elevates your style even more. 

Minimal Is Always The Best

Wearing a stylish kurta to your office doesn't put an end to the process of power dressing. It is necessary to add classy and decent accessories to the outfit to complete the look. When accessorizing for a workplace fashion, remember that going all heavy is a big no! Select accessories that are minimal yet eye-catching. Your style mantra should be "less is more." 

Choose simple jewellery pieces such as stud earrings or single-neck chains. Avoid gaudy or too flashy pieces like heavy necklaces or big earrings, as they will ruin your formal look. Silver oxidized jewellery can further enhance your look. Moreover, for footwear, go with sleek heels, as they help you gain better body balance. 

In Conclusion

So, these are a few fashionable tips for wearing ethnic kurtas at your office. While revamping your office wardrobe with beautiful kurtas, make sure not to leave any stone unturned. There are a number of online stores where you can find an impressive collection of stunning kurtas that provide ultimate style and comfort. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay on top of the office wear fashion trend!